Ductless HVAC systems, or mini-splits, are a cooling and heating solution that provides homeowners with an alternative to traditional ducted systems. These units are a particularly popular solution for people in older homes without existing ductwork. They are also a great alternative for heating and cooling a new addition to your home or other spaces like a refinished basement. Homeowners in Billings, Montana are choosing this option more often, and the numerous benefits make it easy to understand why.

1. Individual Cooling and Heating Zones

Each indoor unit for your ductless HVAC system has its own thermostat. This feature makes creating individual cooling and heating zones in your home easy. You can set the temperature to 65 degrees in your bedroom, keep the kitchen at 72, and turn off the unit in the spare room you rarely use.

Individual thermostats offer unique benefits for different homes. For example, some people love that their family members stop fighting over the thermostat. They benefit from a more peaceful and comfortable space for everyone involved. Other homeowners appreciate that they can stop heating and cooling unused spaces. Using this strategy, they have found that they can significantly lower their energy costs.

Finally, other homeowners have used ductless systems to solve uneven heating and cooling in a single room. For instance, some homes have a space that gets a lot of sunlight and tends to overheat throughout the day. Their ductless system makes it possible to cool the room and make it comfortable without over-cooling other places in their house with their central air conditioning.

2. An Energy-Efficient HVAC Solution

Mini-splits don’t use ducts, which means they avoid the energy losses caused by ductwork. The Department of Energy estimates that loss of conditioned air through ducts can increase a homeowner’s energy consumption by up to 30%.

3. Better Air Quality

Ductwork can often be partly responsible for poor indoor air quality in a home. The same leaks that cause higher energy bills by letting conditioned air escape also let contaminants into a HVAC system. This is especially problematic if the leak is in an attic or other unfinished space where pollutants can enter ductwork. Additionally, dirt and grime can build up in ducts. Consequently, if a homeowner does not have them regularly cleaned, air bourne pollutants can eventually find their way into the air household members breathe. Mini-splits avoid some of the air quality issues inherent in traditional systems by not using ductwork.

In addition, ductless HVAC systems have advanced filtration systems that efficiently capture and remove airborne particles, such as dust, pet dander, pollen, and even certain bacteria and viruses. You can also choose to equip them with specialized filters if you or a family member has respiratory issues such as asthma or allergies. By not using ductwork and offering excellent filtration, a ductless system ensures that the air you breathe is cleaner and healthier than if you choose a traditional system.

4. Hassle Free Installation

When installing a ductless system, you will need an air handler inside for each space you want to heat or cool and an outdoor heat pump. You can generally have eight air handlers connected to a single heat pump. While installing the conduit between the outdoor unit and an air handler, the technician will only have to drill a small hole in the wall of each room that the system will service.

Depending on placement and the number of indoor units, a professional may spend four to six hours installing your ductless mini-split system. There won’t be any ductwork or major renovations needed to install a brand-new HVAC solution. This gives homeowners a reliable heating and cooling solution that is relatively quick and easy to install.

5. Compact Units

The air handlers used in a mini-split system have a compact design. They can also be mounted on the floor, wall, or ceiling, offering homeowners options based on the space where the technician will install the unit and their aesthetic preferences. The outdoor unit is usually placed in the backyard or along the side of a house so that it is out of sight but still easily accessible for HVAC professionals to work on.

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