Breathe Easy with an Air Purifier Installation in Billings, MT

    Block out annoying particles, pollen, and pollutants from outside with an air purifier installation. Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, LLC makes sure that your summer allergies don’t follow you inside. By keeping the air in your home clean and pure, you can enjoy a comfortable, contaminant-free environment.
    We’ll install an air scrubber that filters 98% of the air.
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    Dry Air Solutions with Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifiers

    Healthier, comfortable air is within reach with Aprilaire

    While dry air can make your home both uncomfortable and unhealthy, there’s no need for you and your family to suffer. Aprilaire whole-home humidifiers can help.

    They are installed as part of your home’s heating and cooling system and automatically deliver the perfect amount of humidified air, throughout every room of your home.

    Air that’s not properly humidified has serious implications:

    • Low relative humidity makes you more susceptible to catching a cold* and flu viruses have been linked to
      speedier progression and transmission in dry air
    • The respiratory infections caused by cold and flu viruses are a leading trigger of asthma in children
    • Static shock and dry skin, itchy eyes, and a sore throat can all be traced back to air that’s not properly humidified
    An Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifier Can Help

    • Maintaining the right humidity level throughout your home keeps your nasal passages and airways healthy and reduces the incidence of cold and flu. According to Dr. Joseph Lubart in an article in the New York State Journal of Medicine, humidity regulation “would appear to be the most important prevention measure” from cold virus infection during cold months when the home’s furnace is running.

    • You’ve invested a lot into your home—protect it. An Aprilaire humidifier can help keep your possessions safe from dry air. Furniture, hardwood floors, musical instruments and electronics are better protected when your home is properly humidified.

    • Optimal humidity also helps you stay warmer at cooler temperatures. That means you can lower your thermostat and save energy, thereby lowering your heating costs.