Stay Cozy This Winter

Connect with a heating contractor in Billings, MT about your furnace

Instead of piling on the sweaters and throwing another log on the fire, make a call to Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC when your house gets too cold. A heating contractor will check on your heating system to see what we can do to get it functioning again. If you need a heating replacement, we can provide it.

We'll work on mobile homes as well as rooftop units. No matter how you heat your home, we can help. Want to add a fireplace to your new build? We can make it happen. To see the trusted brands we use, check out our Brands page.

Contact us today to speak with a heating contractor in Billings, MT.

Know when you need furnace repair in Billings, MT

Know when you need furnace repair in Billings, MT

Your furnace does a lot to keep your family warm. When it stops working, you can't just ignore the problem. We offer a free consultation and can start working on furnace repair right away. You'll have heat in your home again in no time. We also provide commercial maintenance plans.

How do you know you need repairs on your furnace? Watch out for:

  • Rust flakes around your furnace
  • Uneven heating from room to room
  • Bumping or grating noises

Call 406-656-5157 today to request furnace repair in Billings, MT. You can also visit our Comfort Care Plan page to learn more about the maintenance we provide.